Paul Evans

Paul Evans Remedial Waterproofing Consultant

Honorary Life Member - Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW)
President - Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) 2017 - 2022
Vice President – 2014 - 2017
Committee Member 2011 to present
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President of Australia Institute of Waterproofing 

Remedial Waterproofing Consultant

Paul Evans is a Registered Building Practitioner & Master Builder Specialist Contractor - Waterproofer. His expertise, particularly in commercial and industrial waterproofing, has led him to a key role at Findlay-Evans Waterproofing, a leading company in Melbourne. Passionate about raising standards in the industry, Paul is the President of the Australia Institute of Waterproofing (AIW). He has been instrumental in developing the "Waterproofing in Construction Course" with Master Builders Victoria (MBAV), aimed at educating industry professionals.

Additionally, Paul contributes his insights to the Victorian State Government’s Building Authority, advising on the Regulations Sunset Review to enhance building regulations. His efforts are essential in advancing the quality and knowledge in the waterproofing sector.

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Accreditations, Memberships & Associations

Master Builders Assoc Victoria-Specialist Contractor
Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) - Committee Member & Honorary Life Member – AIW
Australian Society of Building Consultants (ASBC)
Concrete Institute of Australia
ACRA-Aust Concrete Repair & Remedial Building Assoc
Owners Corporation Network of Aust Ltd
Registered Building Practitioner - Domestic Builder Unlimited DB-U 7983
Registered Building Practitioner - Commercial Builder UnlimCustom JS/HTMLited CB-U 4077 

Presentations at International Waterproofing Forums

2018 International Waterproofing Forum (Shanghai China) - "Challenges of Waterproofing Design and Application
The International Waterproofing Forum is a technical exchange forum held on the day before the opening of China International Roofing & Waterproofing Expo. Professionals and experts from enterprises, institutes and organizations are invited to present. The depth and width of the forum is widely recognized by industrial experts, scholars and technicians.

2017 Waterproof Membranes International (Cologne Germany) - “Waterproofing Challenges in Australia’s Construction Boom”
The international conference focuses on the market dynamics, technical innovation, manufacture, installation, and performance of waterproof membranes (e.g., geomembranes). Waterproof Membranes 2017 – is an interaction between engineers, specifiers, researchers, commercial personnel and industry working for: the world’s leading membrane producers; raw material and component suppliers; machinery manufacturers; and institutes or companies involved in the research, testing and certification of membranes and applications.

Presentations for Architect Designer Engineer Building and Construction (ADEB)

Paul is a regular invited presenter at ADEB seminars:
- Canberra 16th Nov 2018
- Sydney 25 May 2018
- Melbourne 14th March 2018
- Perth 10TH May 2018
- Melbourne 14th March 2017
-Sydney 29th March 2017

Published Articles & Media Releases by Paul Evans

BuildIT – Featured Article 2019
“Committed to Raising Waterproofing Standards and Training Across Australia"
Paul Evans, President of Australian Institute of Waterproofing

Facility Perspectives Vol 11 No 1 March -May 2017
“Solving Roof and Balcony Leaks is Not Just About Waterproofing”
Facility Perspectives is the leading industry magazine and flagship publication for Facility Management Australia (FMA). Produced quarterly, it covers industry topics, updates and targeted features, as well as showcasing informed articles provided by experts and recognized commentators across a range of related industries.

LookUpStrata March 2017
“If It Has a Balcony, It Will Leak”
LookUpStrata has been providing quality strata information to lot owners and the strata industry
since 2013. We are committed to providing a quality resource for strata managers, landlords, owner-occupiers, tenants, building managers and anyone in the wider community who may work with or have an interest in strata title information and apartment living.

Sourceable – Construction
Interviewed by Andrew Heaton on October 5th, 2017

Australian Institute of Waterproofing – Online News
Notes from a Balcony Inspection – Nov 2016
Getting It Right in the First Place – October 2016

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Waterproofing President to Speak at International Conference
Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) News - October 2017

Solving Roof & Balcony Leaks
Facility Perspectives - The Leading Resource for Facility Management in Australiasia. VOL 11 NO 1. March-May 2017

Waterproofing - Common Failures
LinkedIn Article - Feb 2015

Waterproofing - Getting it Right the First Time
Australian Institute of Waterproofing (AIW) News - October 2016

Waterproofing Design In Construction
July 30th, 2021

Multi-Storey Basements Must be Kept Dry
May 26th, 2022

Why Tiling and Waterproofing are Intrinsically Linked
January 17th, 2022

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October 12th, 2023

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February 9th, 2023

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