How to use Liquid Rubber

How to apply Liquid Rubber?

  1. Make sure that the surface (see below) is as clean as possible. Wipe with mentholated spirits. 
  2. Brush or roller the surface with Liquid Rubber using textile bandage to detail any joins, corners, penetrations etc. 
  3. Once the first coat is cured (approx. 24 hours), apply second coat allowing to cure. (For ponds etc. apply 3 coats!)  


Surface preparation tips

As with all waterproofing membranes, the surface must be dry and free of anything that could adversely affect adhesion - if you apply the product correctly it WILL do the job.
  • You should be sure to remove all loose, scaling, peeling, blistering, chipping, cracking, chalking or gravel, dust, dirt, sand, soot, grease, oil, uncured tar, wax, soap film, animal fats or petroleum-based residue, coal, chlorine, salts, efflorescence or any other chemically reactive substance (solvents) that may affect adhesion.
  • Wire brush or if needed high-pressure water blast should be used to thoroughly clean all surfaces prior to application if any of the above conditions exist.
  • Surface should be free of all mold, mildew or any other living organism and COMPLETELY DRY.
  • Smooth surfaces such as glass, ssteel, plastics etc. should be abraded or etched beforehand. In some cases a primer may be needed. 
  • If joins, corners, upturns and downturns or gaps need pre-filling, the sealant (usually polyurethane or acrylic) must be completely cured first or the gases from the sealant curing may cause harm to the membrane.


Video - Waterproofing with Liquid Rubber

This is a short video showing the many uses of Liquid Rubber. Liquid Rubber is 100% environmentally friendly containing no VOC's and is perfectly safe to use in the DIY environment.


Liquid Rubber - The ultimate waterproofing solution

You will be surprised how much Liquid Rubber can do!

  • Rust Proof & Anti Corrosion
  • Waterproofing Internal & External Areas
  • Variety of substrates such as timber, metal, concrete (almost anything!)
  • Trailers, Vehicle Undercarriage


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