Best Caulking Products to Use With Liquid Rubber

Best Caulking Products to Use With Liquid Rubber


What can I use for caulking with Liquid Rubber?

The BEST caulking products we have found to be suitable with Liquid Rubber are non-solvent, safely applied materials such as:

  • Den Braven Sealants: Tixoplast
  • SupaSeal PU - Low modulus isocyanate free polyurethane






What products to use for caulking under Liquid Rubber?

  • When it comes to choosing the right caulking product to use in conjunction with Liquid Rubber there are a couple of things to take in to count.
  • Most importantly, you should make sure that you choose a non-solvent based caulking material Liquid Rubber being water based. 
  • You also want to use a high quality product to ensure that the job is done right the first time. 
  • As qualified waterproofers with extensive experience on the field, both residential and commercial, we have found some products to be better than others. Our top favorites in this post!




As qualified waterproofing applicators we recommend...

Tixoplast is a bitumen based mastic sealant;

perfect match for Liquid Rubber!


Tixoplast: a bitumen based sealant

  • We have found Tixoplast to be a great choice in preparing any joins, cracks, penetrations etc. prior to applying a Liquid Rubber waterproof membrane.
  • Tixoplast is a bitumen based sealant which cures into a plastic, black seal. 
  • It is designed especially for outdoor use and can be applied even on slightly wet surface in emergencies. 
  • Make sure you clean the area thoroughly first.
  • The ideal application temperature is +5C to +40C. 
  • The substrate must be clean, solid, dry and free of grease and dust. 
  • The shelf life for this product is approx. 9 months when stored as recommended in original unopened packaging. 






Also try this recommended product

Supaseal PU is another great option for sealing the joints before applying Liquid Rubber.
  • SupaSeal PU is a one part sealant that employs moisture curing Hybrid Technology.
  • SupaSeal PU is a low modulus sealant which means that it is easy to extrude, easier to tool maintaining non-slump characteristics. 
  • Use for joint sealing, expansion joints, penetrations etc.
  • It can be used even in high temperature and high humidity climates. 
  •   Designed for construction and industrial sealing applications. 
  • Safe to use as it contains less hazardous materials especially for someone working with this product in daily basis. 
  • Isocyanate and solvent-free!
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