Concrete Waterproofing & Sealer

Concrete Waterproofing & Sealer

We offer a terrific waterproof sealer for all concrete surfaces.

Our Hydroblock is ideal for new and/or existing concrete surfaces.

If you have concrete facades, parapet walls or any type of masonry surface damaged by water leaks - Hydroblock is your answer.

  • Hinders discolouration
  • Penetrates deep into the surface
  • Refreshes concrete surfaces
  • Improves and draws out original colour
  • Prevents white spots appearing
  • Reduces adherence of oil, dirt and food to concrete
  • Preserves concrete for up to 10 years

Easy and safe to apply. We have just finished a large project using Hydroblock to seal concrete balconies and walkways.

However Hydroblock is easy to apply for the DIY marketing and comes in a handy 5 Litre Bucket for $ 180.00




Our infographic below explains more about Hydroblock


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