Guarding Your Gutters with the Game-Changing Solution - Liquid Rubber

Guarding Your Gutters with the Game-Changing Solution - Liquid Rubber

Our homes are our safe places and a big part of that safety is good working gutters. If you're wondering, "Can liquid rubber fix my gutter?", this blog will help you learn about this handy DIY solution.

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Why Liquid Rubber for Gutters?

Liquid rubber is great at stopping leaks. When you use it, it makes a strong, watertight cover, making sure your gutters carry water properly without any problems.

Coating: How Much is Enough?

The number of liquid rubber coats you'll need largely depends on your gutter's current condition and the product's consistency. While a standard recommendation is two coats, an older, more worn-out gutter might require a bit more.

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Dealing with Rusty Areas

If your gutters are showing signs of rust, don't despair! Liquid rubber is up to the challenge:

  • Thorough Cleaning: Initiate by brushing away any dirt or debris using a brush or a pressure washer.
  • Combat the Rust: Employ a wire brush or sandpaper to smooth out and remove rusted patches.
  • Seek and Repair: Vigilantly inspect for any cracks or holes. Should you spot any, a gutter sealant or patching compound is your go-to. Ensure it dries thoroughly before the next step.
  • Liquid Rubber Application: Evenly apply the liquid rubber using a brush or roller. Aim for at least two coats to guarantee a solid seal.

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Drying Time for Liquid Rubber

Though you might be eager to test out your newly sealed gutters, liquid rubber demands a waiting period. Depending on various factors like ambient temperature, humidity, and application thickness, drying can span from 24 to 48 hours. 

For Australian homeowners with leaky gutters, liquid rubber is a great friend to have. With careful use and a bit of waiting, your gutters will be set to handle the weather. So, if you spot another leak, know that liquid rubber has your back!

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