Essential Maintenance Guide for New Caravan Owners

Ready to hit the road and explore? First, let's talk quick maintenance to keep your caravan in top shape, focusing on our star product, "Liquid Rubber" waterproof sealant, your caravan's best mate against leaks and damage.

Fix Leaking Caravan Roof

Caravan adventures are thrilling, but a leaky roof? Not so much. That's why a reliable sealant like Liquid Rubber is essential. It's your caravan's shield against harsh weather, keeping inside dry and cozy.

Maintenance can seem a bit much if you're new to it, but no worries, we've got your back with easy-peasy tips:

Monthly Must-Dos:

-Drive your caravan regularly to keep it running smooth.

-Check for any damage or leaks, small or big. Spot 'em? Liquid Rubber to the rescue!


Yearly Essentials:

-Check those brakes, safety first!

-Clean the water system to keep it fresh and mould-free.

-Most importantly, ensure your roof's ready to face the elements with a fresh coat of Liquid Rubber.

Now, about applying Liquid Rubber—it's as easy as a walkabout in the bush:

-Dry day? Perfect. Clean the roof.

-Time for Liquid Rubber. Brush or roll it on, let it dry, then repeat.

With Liquid Rubber, your caravan's ready for any Aussie adventure. Safe travels, and enjoy the adventure that awaits on the open road!

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