How to Waterproof a Pond Using Liquid Rubber?

How to Waterproof a Pond Using Liquid Rubber?


How to waterproof a pond using Liquid Rubber waterproofing paint?

  • Clean the pond thoroughly & let dry. 
  • Apply Liquid Rubber & bandage to all areas needing extra reinforcement such as penetrations, joins etc. 
  • Apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber allowing to cure approx. 24 hours between coats. 
  • Let final membrane to cure minimum 3 weeks. 
  • You can now fill your pond!



Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant for Ponds

  • Liquid Rubber is ideal for sealing ponds as it has the ability to withsand water long term thanks to its high elasticity.
  • 15L bucket of Liquid Rubber should give you about 5.5m2 coverage with 3 coats. 
  • Liquid Rubber is free from harmful chemicals and is certified for potable water (safe for human drinking water).
  • Liquid Rubber is therefore safe to be used in fish ponds, animal drinking throts, water tanks etc. 
  • Same isntructions apply for anything containing water; always apply 3 coats of Liquid Rubber!
  • It is also very important to allow enough time for the final Liquid Rubber membrane to fully cure prior to filling with water. 
  • Even though the membrane might look and feel dry it must go through the proper curing psocess to do its job efficiently (usually 3 weeks, subject to climatic conditions). 
  • With Liquid Rubber: DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT - is our motto!


How to apply Liquid Rubber for a pond - Step by step guide 










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