Liquid Rubber Metal Roof Sealant: Your Ultimate Guide to a Leak-Free Roof

As proud owners of shiny new metal roofs, the journey to ensure its longevity and durability is paramount. The secret weapon? A high-quality Liquid Rubber metal roof waterproof sealant. Let's delve into how you can maintain that pristine condition.

Recognizing the Importance of Weatherproofing

Understanding the necessity of weatherproofing is the first step. Metal roofs, though robust, require sealing at critical points such as sidewall flashing, panel contact points, and edges to prevent water ingress.

The Right Sealant for the Job

Liquid Rubber emerges as the superior choice for metal roofs. Its user-friendly application, cost-effectiveness, and environmental safety make it ideal for DIY projects.

Understanding Liquid Rubber 

Liquid Rubber is designed to combat rust, leaks, and heat exposure, ultimately reducing energy costs.

How to Find Leaks

Before sealing, inspect your roof for:

  • Loose/missing fasteners
  • Damaged panels
  • Open headwall or flashing
  • Missing trim
  • Loose gutters and downspouts
  • Gaps in seams
  • Rust damage and holes

Identifying these signs is crucial for effective sealing.

Applying Liquid Rubber

Here's a step-by-step guide to applying this game-changing product:

  • Prepare the Roof: Replace damaged fasteners and power wash the surface.
  • Dry the Surface: Ensure complete drying post-washing.
  • Apply Seam Tape: Use Liquid Rubber Seam Tape on seams or cracks.
  • Sealant & Adhesive Application: Use a metal-safe caulking gel for smaller areas.
  • Seal Vents and Flashing: Apply seam tape and then seal with Liquid Rubber.
  • Apply the Sealant: Use a brush, roller, or sprayer for application.
  • Curing Time: Allow adequate drying time between coats.
Tips for Application
  • Avoid applying colored products over black ones.
  • For significant rust, use a water-based rust primer before the color sealant.
  • In severe rust cases, opt for Liquid Rubber Sealant.

Choosing the Right Time to Apply the Sealant

The ideal conditions for application are:

  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Temperature above 10C/500F.
  • No precipitation forecast.
  • Early day application to prevent moisture interference.


Liquid Rubber is not just a protective layer; it rejuvenates and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your roof. It's an investment in your property's longevity, offering a reliable, eco-friendly, and easy-to-apply solution for the DIY enthusiast.

Embrace the peace of mind that comes with a well-sealed, leak-free metal roof.

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