How to Prepare Your Caravan Roof for Liquid Rubber Sealant Application

Embarking on a journey in your caravan entails thorough preparation, and one crucial aspect is ensuring your roof is leak-proof. Here's how you can effectively prepare your caravan's roof for a new layer of sealant, ensuring a secure and dry interior with Liquid Rubber.

Fix Water Leaks in Your Caravan

Understanding Your Sealant Needs

Different sealants suit different roof materials and weather conditions. Liquid Rubber is ideal for newer caravans for long-lasting protection.

For ongoing maintenance, Liquid Rubber is recommended to keep your roof in top condition by eliminating dirt and potential mildew.

Procedure for Removing Old Sealant

Silicone Coatings

  • Safety Gear: Always wear protective gloves, goggles, and a mask to prevent contact with harsh substances and particles.
  • Weather Conditions: Choose a day with clear skies and low humidity for effective sealant removal and application. Avoid midday sun.
  • Scraping Off Silicone: Use a scraper and stiff brush to manually remove the sealant. For tougher areas, a silicone sealant remover or household items like WD-40 or vinegar can be used to soften the residue.
  • Cleaning: After scraping, pressure wash the caravan's roof to get rid of lingering silicone bits. Reinspect and repeat the process if necessary.


For Non-Silicone Coatings

  • Preparation: Grab a pair of goggles and a mask, and make sure the weather is favourable.
  • Cleaning: Scrub off dirt and debris by using a cleaning solution, rinse, and dry. You may use a pressure washer, making sure no residue remains. For persistent stains or thick coatings, a second round may be needed.

Once the old sealant is completely removed, and the roof is clean, you can proceed to apply the new Liquid Rubber sealant. This high-quality product provides excellent waterproofing, safeguarding your caravan from leaks and potential interior damage. 

Remember, regular roof maintenance extends your caravan's lifespan and enhances your travel experience. With Liquid Rubber, your caravan is not just a vehicle but a secure home on wheels. Safe travels!

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