Recoating Your Caravan Roof: Timing and Frequency Explained

Hey, Aussie explorers! Before you venture into the wild with your caravan this summer, let's talk roof recoating. Why? Because a neglected roof can turn your adventure into a soggy mess. Here's the lowdown on why, when, and how often to recoat.

Maintain a Dry Interior_Fix Your Camper Van Leaks

Why Recoat with Liquid Rubber?

Caravans battle the elements, and a leaky roof can sneak up on you. Here's why recoating with Liquid Rubber is a game-changer:

  • Longevity: It's like armour for your roof, warding off weather damage and extending its life.
  • Leak Prevention: Seal those tiny cracks that let in water and chilly drafts.
  • Comfort: A solid roof means a dry, cosy interior. That's a caravan living at its best!
  • Save Money: Regular maintenance catches pesky small issues, avoiding big repair bills later.


Right Time and Frequency to Use Liquid Rubber

Cooler parts of the day are best for recoating, so aim for early mornings or evenings. Dry weather is crucial as Liquid Rubber takes up to 48 hours to fully bond.

Check your roof every six months, but recoating? That's an every 2-4 years task, depending on your travel and the local climate. Post-storm checks are always wise, too.

Watch for sneaky signs of damage like rust, musty smells, discolouration, or unexpected drafts. They're your caravan's cry for help!

Your caravan is more than a mobile hat; it shouldn't have a drip for a brim. Show it some love with a Liquid Rubber roof recoating, ensuring it's a dry haven during your Aussie escapades. Happy journeying, friends!

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