The Ultimate Wet-Weather Waterproofing Solution

The Ultimate Wet-Weather Waterproofing Solution

Paul of Findlay-Evans waterproofing, discusses a waterproofing solution tailored for wet conditions, contrasting it with their well-known liquid rubber product which is best suited for dry and warm scenarios.

Product Features

Usability in Wet Conditions:
The new product can be applied even during rain, making it ideal for winter and rainy seasons.

Paul has been testing and playing with this product for about five to six years. It remains effective even after being stored for years.

The product can be directly applied to a leaking roof during rainfall, offering an immediate fix. Once it's fully cured, which might take one or two months, it can be overlaid with liquid rubber to ensure protection for up to 30 years.

It's not just for metal roofs; it can also be used on concrete roofs, tiles, masonry, and brickwork.

Personal Experience:
Paul shares a personal anecdote, showing a tin of the product he's had for five to six years. Despite its age, the product inside is as good as new. He's even given away some samples to customers who came in during rain, suggesting they use this product first and then come back for the liquid rubber when the weather is dry.

Paul suggests homeowners, especially those with metal roofs, to keep a tin of this product handy in their sheds. It's particularly useful for landlords who handle their own maintenance, allowing them to address roof leaks promptly, ensuring tenant satisfaction.

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