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Elastoproof Corner

Elastoproof Corner

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The Elastoproof Prefabricated Corner Sections ensure effective detailing of the Elastoproof Jointing Band applications at critical 90°and 270º corner intersections. Maintaining the “flexible zone” to ensure a seamless and elastic seal at joint intersections, Prefabricated Corner Sections overcome many difficulties when detailing membranes at volatile areas, providing a superior alternative to methods of multilayered membranes, reinforcement layers, bond breaking tapes, foam rods, sealants and welding.

  • Protection for critical corner intersections
  • Ensures effective detailing at critical 90° and 270° corner intersections
  • Overcomes difficulties when detailing at volatile areas
  • Internal Corners – designed for 90° corners to form a seamless seal over corner intersections
  • External Corners – designed for 270° corner sections to form a seamless seal between wall intersections. Ideal for pillars columns and outside returns

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